Citizen Advocates for Regional Transit

Citizen Advocates for Regional Transit
is a group of concerned citizens supporting development of a comprehensive system of public Transportation to provide
Universal Transit Mobility (UTM)
through Unified Transit  Governance
to meet the 21st Century needs of the Twin Cities Metro and beyond.

Advocates for 21st Century Public Transportation

Suggestions for Creating and Improving the Public Transportation Network in the Metro and Region

Learn More About Our Objectives and Activities

We evaluate transit initiatives and advocate for solutions that promote a comprehensive network of transit alternatives to provide a balanced, accessible and coordinated transit system for the Twin Cities Metro area Including the following: 

--Evaluating transit alternatives to optimize transit network performance.
--Developing independent concepts or supporting proposed alternatives which best serve the transit needs of the community,
--Communicating and advocating for the best solutions. 
-- Optimizing regional transportation network performance encompassing Inter-city and Intra-city public/private financed inter-modal surface transport options with appropriate connectivity and access.