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About Citizen Advocates for Regional Transit 
    - Why C-A-R-T? January 9, 2020

Ayd Mill Road
    - Ayd Mill Road - A "Parkway Connector" concept - March 28, 2020 
    - Ayd Mill Road - An Implementation Approach - April 16, 2020
    - Ayd Mill Road - An Implementation Approach - Updated April 16, 2020

esign and Technology
    - A World Without Cars- July 9, 2020
    - Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Strategy for a Carbon-Free Rail Transportation  System? December 18, 2020
    - Self-Driving Cars Run Into Reality — And Are Further Away Than You Think July 9, 2020

Equity in Transit 
Transit Equity - C-A-R-Ts View March 31, 2021

Riverview Corridor Issues 
Evaluation of the Riverview Corridor Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) January 10, 2020
    C-A-R-T Position Paper - Riverview Corridor LPA Re-Evaluation November 2, 2020 
    - Citizen Advocates for Regional Transit Proposed Riverview Corridor Route May 20, 2020
     - Riverview "Modern Streetcar" - What we didn't learn from the Green Line April 22, 2020
    - When is a Modern Streetcar Not a Modern Streetcar September 28, 2020 
    - Times Change and so must the West 7th Transit Plan December 9, 2020 
    - Secure the CP Spur in St. Paul now. It has high public purpose July 6, 2021 
    - Concerns about the Progress and Scope of the Riverview Corridor Project

Transportation Network Development  
- Considering the BIG T in public Transportation planning January 9, 2020  
    - A BIG T Vision of the Metro Transit Future June 20, 2020 
    - A way out for Becker, Clearwater, Monti and … Bottineau - May 28, 2020

    - C-A-R-T Position paper on CP-KCS merger opportunities
-  Bottineau Light Rail On Broadway - Time for a Time Out!


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We evaluate transit initiatives and advocate for solutions that promote a comprehensive network of transit alternatives to provide a balanced, accessible and coordinated transit system for the Twin Cities Metro area Including the following:
--Evaluating transit alternatives to optimize transit network performance.
--Developing independent concepts or supporting proposed alternatives which best serve the transit needs of the community,
--Communicating and advocating for the best solutions. -- Optimizing regional transportation network performance encompassing Inter-city and Intra-city public/private financed inter-modal surface transport options with appropriate connectivity and access.  

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